Giuseppe Iazeolla
Professor of Computer Science
Software Engineering
System Performance
Modelling  Chair

Software Engineering Laboratory
University of Roma "Tor Vergata"

Guglielmo Marconi University



GIUSEPPE IAZEOLLA is full professor of Computer Science, Software Engineering and System Performance Modelling Chairs.

Formerly with the University of Pisa, Faculty of Science (through 1984), and with the University of Roma TorVergata, Faculty of Engineering (through 2012), he is presently with the Faculty of Science and Applied Technology, Guglielmo Marconi University, Roma, Italy.

He has held computer science research appointments with the National Research Council, Italy, with the Project MAC, MIT, Cambridge, Mass. USA, with the University of West Virginia, Concurrent Engineering Research Center, USA,  with the University of Cape Town, Data Network Architecture Center, South Africa, and Industrial positions in Computer and Digital Electronics.

Prof. Iazeolla research is in the areas of performance and dependability (reliability, safety, availability) modeling, evaluation  and validation of  computer and software systems, and in the areas of parallel and distributed simulation.

He is  member of the  Editorial  Board of  the International Journal PERFORMANCE  EVALUATION (Elsevier) and   of the International Journal MODELING SIMULATION and SCIENTIFIC COMPUTING (World Scientific), and has been member of the Board of  SIMULATION PRACTICE and THEORY journal (Elsevier).

Prof. Iazeolla is active in academic/professional societies and organizations on system Performance Evaluation and Validation. In this field he is a  member of the  "IFIP 7.3 Working Group" on  computer performance evaluation, has made scientific advisory work for industries and national and international organizations, and has been member of the Performance Review Commission of EUROCONTROL.

He is also active in international academic/professional societies on computer simulation, has been on the board of the   EUROSIM, the Federation of European Computer Simulation Societies, and on the Board of the SCSI, the Society for Computer Simulation International. He has also funded and chaired the Italian Society for Computer Simulation (ISCS), a professional and academic European affiliate of the SCS-International  and of EUROSIM.

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