Dissimjade: A framework for the development of agent-based distributed simulation systems

TitleDissimjade: A framework for the development of agent-based distributed simulation systems
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2009
AuthorsGianni, D., Andrea D'Ambrogio, and G. Iazeolla
Conference NameSIMUTools 2009 - 2nd International ICST Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques
ISBN Number9789639799455
KeywordsAgent based simulation, Discrete event simulation, Distributed computer systems, Distributed simulations, Framework, HLA, Intelligent agents, JADE, Multi agent systems, Silicate minerals
AbstractThe adoption of an agent-based approach that incorporates intelligence, adaptation and learning abilities has proved to significantly increase the realism and the accuracy of the simulation. Simulation systems of such a kind, however, require computational resources that might be considerable for a single agent, so to become unfeasible when the number of simulated agents scales up. A distributed environment is thus needed to allow the execution of such simulation systems, particularly in the case of scenarios populated by a large number of agents. Building an agent-based distributed simulation system, however, requires both specific expertise and knowledge of distributed simulation standards and a non-negligible amount of effort to develop ad-hoc components. This paper introduces a simulation framework named DisSimJADE, which enables the incorporation of distributed simulation facilities into existing agent-based systems. DisSimJADE is built on top of the popular agent-based framework JADE and allows to define agent-based simulation systems that can be transparently executed either in a local or distributed, therefore bringing significant savings in terms of effort and development time. In addition, DisSimJADE provides a uniform interface to the JADE framework, which further facilitates the production of distributed simulation systems to developers of JADE-based multi-agent systems.