A distributed approach to wireless system simulation

TitleA distributed approach to wireless system simulation
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2010
AuthorsIazeolla, G., A. Pieroni, Andrea D'Ambrogio, and D. Gianni
Conference Name6th Advanced International Conference on Telecommunications, AICT 2010
ISBN Number9780769540214
KeywordsComputer simulation languages, Computer software, Distributed approaches, Distributed simulation environments, Distributed simulation systems, Distributed simulations, Fuzzy control, IEEE 802.16, Interoperability, Numerical analysis, Numerical predictions, Numerical results, Simulation approach, Simulation result, Simulation software, Software tool, Wimax, WiMax wireless, Wireless simulation, Wireless systems
AbstractMany papers have been published that present simulation results for wireless systems, including WiMAX. All such papers do not deal with wireless simulation approaches, and simulation is only seen as a side-means to produce numerical results. This paper does not present simulation numerical predictions. It instead deals with new simulation approaches for wireless systems and presents simulation software technologies. From the approach point of view, the "local" versus the "distributed" simulation approach is investigated to wireless systems. From the technology point of view, two new software tools are presented, for a step forward with respect to existing tools to ease the development of distributed simulation systems. The tools consist of a new distributed simulation environment (wDSEnv) and a new distributed simulation language (wDSLang). Such tools are described and a detailed WiMAX local and distributed simulation example is developed. © 2010 IEEE.