A methodological template for model driven systems engineering

TitleA methodological template for model driven systems engineering
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2014
AuthorsBocciarelli, P., Andrea D'Ambrogio, E. Caponi, A. Giglio, and E. Paglia
Conference NameCEUR Workshop Proceedings
KeywordsAbstract representation, Application programs, Development and testing, Formal modeling language, Level of automations, Life cycle, MDA(model driven architecture), Model-based systems engineering, Software architecture, Software design, Software intensive systems, Standards, System implementation, Systems engineering
AbstractThe advent of formal modeling languages (e.g., UML and SysML) and system architecture frameworks (e.g., DoDAF and MODAF) has given systems engineers the ability to effectively describe the requirements as well as the behavior and the structure of systems. Approaches founded on the use of modeling languages and frameworks are grouped under the banner of MBSE (Model Based Systems Engineering). The basic idea is that a model evolves over the system development life-cycle, until it becomes the built-to baseline. In this paper, we consider a modeling approach based on the use of a metamodeling architecture that focuses on the use of models as the primary artifacts of system development. We specifically address the use of MDA (Model Driven Architecture), which allows to increase the level of automation when evolving models from the very abstract representation of a system down to the system implementation, thus making easier (i.e., at reduced cost and effort) the analysis, development and testing activities. By applying MDA concepts and standards to MBSE approaches we obtain what we refer to as MDSE (Model Driven Systems Engineering). The paper illustrates a methodological template for MDSE and shows its application to the development of a software-intensive system. Copyright © held by the authors.