Model-based interface specification for systems integration in systems of systems engineering

TitleModel-based interface specification for systems integration in systems of systems engineering
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsGianni, D., Andrea D'Ambrogio, P. De Simone, M. Lisi, and M. Luglio
Conference Name22nd Annual International Symposium of the International Council on Systems Engineering, INCOSE 2012 and the 8th Biennial European Systems Engineering Conference 2012, EuSEC 2012
ISBN Number9781622769162
KeywordsEngineering activities, Interface specification, Model based approach, Model-based systems engineering (MBSE), Modelling language, Multiplexed signals, Specifications, Systems engineering, Systems integration, Systems of systems
AbstractThe key to enable systems integration is that systems inter-communications are accurately and unambiguously specified. In line with ongoing Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE) initiatives aiming to support systems engineering activities by means of formal and graphical models, we have introduced a logical model for the definition of Interface Communication Modelling Language (ICML), to enable a model-based approach for interface specification. ICML is based on UML and can potentially be integrated with other systems models in similar forms, e.g., SySML, and with systems of systems models in UPDM or related frameworks. We have designed ICML basing on a preliminary domain analysis on radio signal specifications, with application to space systems. In the analysis, we have specifically considered simple digital and unidirectional signals, and subsequently we have included a method to use ICML for Time-Division Multiplexed signals. We also present an excerpt of the ICML metamodel and a simple example application. © 2012 by Daniele Gianni et al.