A Model-Driven approach for the performance management of grid-based applications

TitleA Model-Driven approach for the performance management of grid-based applications
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsD'Ambrogio, Andrea, and L. Conticelli
Conference NameProceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Software Engineering, SE 2008
ISBN Number9780889867154
KeywordsApplications, Automatic generations, Design models, Design time, Execution time, Grid, Grid computing, Grid contexts, Grid environments, Grid services, Grid-based applications, LQN, Model-driven approaches, Performance analysis, Performance characteristics, Performance managements, Performance models, Service providers, Service-oriented, Software applications, Software engineering, Spontaneous emission, Systems analysis
AbstractGrid environments and software applications based on Grid Services are currently receiving a strong consideration. In a Grid context, service providers are strategically interested to manage the level of performance that can be oered to service consumers. This paper introduces a model-driven approach for predicting, at design time, and managing, at execution time, the performance characteristics of applications based on Grid Services. The approach is based on the automatic generation and evaluation of performance models from design models of UML type. An example application is illustrated to show the eectiveness of the proposed approach.