A model-driven method for building distributed simulation systems from business process models

TitleA model-driven method for building distributed simulation systems from business process models
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2012
AuthorsBocciarelli, P., A. Pieroni, D. Gianni, and Andrea D'Ambrogio
Conference NameProceedings - Winter Simulation Conference
ISBN Number9781467347792
KeywordsAnalysis models, Automated transformations, Business Process, Business process model, Computer simulation, Distributed computer systems, Distributed simulation systems, Distributed simulations, Distribution characteristics, Inherent complexity, Load balancing properties, Model-driven method, New approaches, Software services, Technical know hows, Technology transfer
AbstractThe analysis of modern business processes implemented as orchestration of software services demands for new approaches that explicitly take into account the inherent complexity and distribution characteristics of such processes. In this respect, Distributed Simulation (DS) offers a viable tool to cope with such a demand, due to the aggregation, scalability, representativeness and load balancing properties that it allows to achieve. However, the use of DS is mostly limited by the specialized technical know-how and the extra-development that DS requires with respect to approaches based on conventional local simulation. This paper proposes a model-driven method that enables the DS-based analysis of business processes by introducing the automated transformation of business process models into analysis models that are specified as Extended Queueing Network (EQN) models and executed as distributed simulations. The paper also presents an example application to a business process for an e-commerce scenario. © 2012 IEEE.