5th IEEE Track on
Collaborative Modeling & Simulation (CoMetS'16)

in WETICE 2016
25th IEEE Conference on Enabling Technologies:
Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises
June 13-16, 2016 - Paris (France)

Track Program

Tuesday - June 14th

h 15:00-16:30 Session I
Chair: Andrea D'Ambrogio

  • Volunteer Computing Approach for the Collaborative Simulation of Electrophysiological Models
    Joel Castro, Violeta Monasterio and Jesús Carro

  • Developing an Enterprise Operating System (EOS) - Requirements and Architecture  
    Joseph Rahme Youssef, Gregory Zacharewicz and David Chen 

  • Scaling of Distributed Multi-Simulations on Multi-Core Clusters
    Cherifa Dad, Stephane Vialle, Mathieu Caujolle, Jean-Philippe Tavella and Michel Ianotto

h 17:00-18:30 Session II
Chair: Gregory Zacharewicz

  • A BPMN-based Automated Approach for the Analysis of Healthcare Processes
    Grazia Antonacci, Armando Calabrese, Andrea D'Ambrogio, Andrea Giglio, Benedetto Intrigila and Nathan Levialdi Ghiron

  • Physics Engine Threading Design and Object-scalability in Virtual Simulation  
    Sean Mondesire, Douglas Maxwell and Jonathan Stevens

  • Integrating SysML with simulation environments (MATLAB/Simulink) by model transformation approach (SHORT)
    Bassim Chabibi, Abdelilah Douche, Adil Anwar and Mahmoud Nassar

Please note that each paper is given 25 minutes for presentation, plus 5 minutes for questions. Participants are encouraged to attend the other tracks when CoMetS is not in session. There is no extra charge for attending other tracks.

The WETICE full program can be viewed at the following link.


The track program
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