1st International Workshop on
Model-driven Approaches for Simulation Engineering

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Symposium on Theory of Modeling and Simulation
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SCS SpringSim 2011 Conference
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Call for Papers

The Mod4Sim workshop fosters original research contributions that address the use of model-driven approaches in the simulation engineering field.

The use of model-driven approaches can be exploited in the simulation field to increase the level of abstraction of simulation models and to automate the series of steps that have to be carried out to obtain the final code that implements a given simulation model.

The obtained advantages are amplified when simulation models  are developed according to model-driven engineering principles and techniques. In such a case, the source system is typically described by models specified in a language that is not simulation-specific (e.g., UML) and thus model-driven engineering approaches can be exploited both to fill the semantic gap between the source system model and the corresponding simulation model and to automate the generation of the final code that implements the simulation model.

A non–exhaustive list of topics of interest includes:

To stimulate creativity, however, the workshop maintains a wider scope and invites interested researchers to present contributions that offer original perspectives on model-driven engineering of simulation systems.

The preliminary program is online