International Symposium on
Model-driven Approaches for Simulation Engineering

part of SpringSim 2017
April 23-26, 2017 - Virginia Beach, VA (USA)
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Special Session on

Model Driven and Simulation Engineering for the Future Enterprise

Global competition and the uncertainty of markets have led organizations and technology to evolve exponentially. Business paradigms have changed from a standalone vision into complex and collaborative ecosystems. Within this context, the Future Internet is highly likely to rise new opportunities for creativity and innovation. However, even though this demonstrates an enormous potential for the future enterprise, issues such as sustainable interoperability (i.e., the interoperability that convenes the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future changes, meeting new system requirements, and performing adequate adaptation and suitable management of the transitory elements) are impairing a wider impact.

Based on systems engineering principles, modeling and simulation is seen as a central activity for the development and life cycle of a product, system, or even the whole enterprise. They formalize the bridge between the real and digital world and enable the necessary reasoning to rapidly and dynamically adapt to the network’s devices, services and applications.

The goal of this session is to present and discuss advances on MDA/MDI (Model Driven Interoperability) principles, such as architectures, M&S tools, etc., able to support dynamic enterprise services and applications. The work conducted by the Model Driven Engineering task force of the international Interop-Vlab network, namely the model-driven service engineering architecture from the MSEE project to support manufacturing servitization, or the collaborative and sensing enterprise developments from the C2NET project are some examples for discussion. However, they are just a few among the contributions this special session aims to tackle.

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