International Symposium on
Model-driven Approaches for Simulation Engineering

part of SpringSim 2018
April 15-18, 2018 - Baltimore, MD (USA)
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Model-driven engineering approaches provide considerable advantages to software and systems engineering activities through the provision of consistent and coherent models at various abstraction levels. As these models are in a machine readable form, model-driven engineering approaches can also support the exploitation of computing capabilities for model reuse, code generation, model checking and test case generation, thus leading to a more productive modeling approach.

Simulation engineering is the discipline that applies the principles of engineering and simulation science for designing and constructing simulation models, developing and maintaining their software implementations, and conducting simulation experiments. As simulations are basically software systems, they can similarly benefit from model-driven engineering approaches to support automatic code generation, enhance software quality, and reduce costs, development effort and time-to-market.

At the same time, introducing simulation-based systems engineering as an extension of model-based systems engineering practices to also include simulation methods, offers the opportunity for a more comprehensive exploration of the design space by enabling systems engineers to predict system performance and behaviour, evaluate alternatives, run what-if scenarios or carry out sensitivity analysis.

The  Symposium on Model-driven Approaches for Simulation Engineering (Mod4Sim) brings together experts in model-based, model-driven software and systems engineering from embedded, cyber-physical and software-intensive systems domains with experts in simulation, with the objective to advance the state of the art in model-based simulation engineering and simulation-based systems engineering.

The symposium is part of the SCS Spring Simulation (SpringSim) Multi-Conference 2018, held on April 15-18, 2018, in Baltimore, MD, USA.

Submission deadline extended to
January 8th (firm)!