2nd International Track on
Collaborative Modeling & Simulation - CoMetS'11

20th IEEE International Conference on
Collaboration Technologies and Infrastructures
June 27 - June 29, 2011, Paris (France)

Call for Papers

The CoMetS track aims to foster innovative research contributions that address collaboration issues in the field of M&S and vice versa.

Aside from seeking applications of collaborative technologies to M&S activities, the track seeks innovative contributions that deal with the application of M&S practices to the design of collaborative environments. These environments are continuously becoming more complex and therefore their design requires systematic approaches to meet the required quality of collaboration. This is important for two reasons: to reduce rework activities on the actual collaborative environment, and to maximize the productivity and the quality of the process the collaborative environment supports. M&S offers the methodologies and tools for such investigations and therefore it can be used to improve the quality of collaborative environments.

A non–exhaustive list of topics of interest includes:

  • collaborative environments for M&S
  • collaborative Systems of Systems M&S
  • workflow modelling for collaborative environments and processes
  • agent-based M&S
  • collaborative distributed simulation
  • net-centric M&S
  • web-based M&S
  • model sharing and reuse
  • model building and evaluation
  • modeling and simulation of business processes
  • modeling for collaboration
  • simulation-based performance evaluation of collaborative networks
  • model-driven simulation engineering
  • domain specific languages for the simulation of collaborative environments
  • domain specific languages for collaborative M&S
  • databases and repositories for M&S
  • distributed virtual environments
  • virtual research environment for M&S

To stimulate creativity, however, the track maintains a wider scope and invites interested researchers to present contributions that offer original perspectives on collaboration and M&S.

Last Update August 20th, 2011

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